Laser Atlanta Advantage S RO Laser Rangefinder

Laser Atlanta Advantage S RO Laser Rangefinder
Product Code: Laser Atlanta Advantage S RO Laser Rangefinder
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  • Our Most Compact Design
  • Reflector/Reflectorless Operation
  • Use With or Without Battery Handle
  • Same Great Technology
  • Horizontal or Vertical Operation
  • Long Range Capabilities

The Advantage™ S is our mid sized rangefinder featuring a tough, GE Lexan ABS alloy housing. Smaller than the Advantage R, yet it still large enough to accommodate a compass and inclinometer if needed.  The "S" is a “go anywhere, do anything” precision instrument and has all the same great technology and precision as the "R" model, just a little more compact. No matter what industry you’re in, this is the laser rangefinder with tough skin that obtains accurate results.

Features a GE Lexan ABS alloy housing designed to separate the outer case from inner components, providing superior shock resistance.  The head-up display LED has aiming sights enabling the user to view readings for range and distance. Variety of data collection methods, compatible with most GPS, GIS, and COGO systems and software. Measures to a vertical surface 2,000 feet/600 meters away and prisms up to 30,000 feet/9,100 meters.

The Advantage™ “R” model laser is ideally suited for drill-and-blast operations. Blast too shallow, and your pile is light and spread too big. Blast too deep and you may not loosen enough aggregate. Used with an external data collector, the “R” can enable you to generate precise 3D profiles, giving you the information you need to correctly place drill points.

  • 3D vertical face profiling (with data collector and software)
  • Upgrade your measurement precision with our stabilizing cradle
  • Upgrade your measurement resolution with our encoding tripod
  • RS232 data out for easy recording and interfacing
  • -GPS options available

Stockpile Measurement
There’s no need to hire expensive contractors to measure your piles. Stockpile measurement is simple, easy, and quick with the Advantage™ R CI and data collector. No reflectors needed! Use with a tripod, monopole, or handheld. No matter what size pile you have, the “R” can tell you how much is in it!

  • Rock, sand, chip, grain,…if it piles, you can measure it with an Advantage™ R.
  • Compare seasonal inventories
  • Use with our encoding tripod for extreme data resolution.

How tall is that tree? Should you cut it or leave it? How much has it grown since 2008? The Advantage™ R is a precision measurement, not a toy, and the rugged design means years and years of dependable performance, wherever you need it. So you can do your job and not worry about your gear.

  • Point-to-point and missing line measurement
  • Line-of-sight distance or horizontal distance
  • GPS coordinates of measurement point AND targets simultaneously.

Wire Sag Measurement
There is no need to stop traffic to get your line heights. Shoot the line, shoot the ground, read your measurement. Its that simple. Our precision beam and dot reticle make line measurement fast, easy, and accurate. The Advantage™ R has been the #1 trusted name in line height measurements since 1996, and once you try it, you’ll know why.

  • Line height measurement, at sag, at fixture
  • Calculate guy wire bisects
  • Distance tower to tower or pole to pole
  • Measure inaccessible locations
  • Use with our encoding tripod for extreme data resolution.
  • Measure nearly anything in sight!

Sports and Golf
The Advantage™ rangefinder has been the trusted device for the Pro Golf Association (PGA) since 2000, as well as numerous auto racing tracks around the world. The Advantage has also been used by competitors in the Americas Cup for distancing measurements between competing boats. Simple, accurate, and precise has found its way into all kinds of arenas. What can it do for you?

  • Distance measurements +/- 6 inches
  • Speed measurements +/- 1mph

Custom Applications
Got an idea for laser measurement? Call us! Our specialty is long-range, robust/repeatable measurements that are both accurate and precise. In most cases, our engineers can develop simple, low-cost solutions to meet your needs. Distances, speeds, and angles are no problem with a Laser Atlanta engineered solution. 


  • Advantage S model Range Only (RO) laser rangefinder
  • Tripod mountable Battery Handle
  • Soft Side Carrying Case
  • Standard 220AC Charger
  • Advantage Manual. (Battery stand not included.)


  • Dimensions: 3.8w x 7.3h x 6.4d in. (9.6w x 18.5h x 16.2d cm)
  • Weight:     3.9 pounds with battery handle (1.77kg)
  • Operating temperature:     -22F to 140F (-30C to 60C)
  • Storage temperature:     -40F to 176F (-40C to 80C)
  • Humidity:     90% non-condensing
  • Environmental:     Water and dust resistant
  • Head-up display:     LED aiming sights and 1 line x 4 character readout
  • Rear panel display:     4 line x 20 character LCD - backlit
  • Keyboard:     Membrane keypad
  • Data transfer:     RS-232 serial port / Optional memory port for SD & USB
  • Power source:     Rechargeable battery handles. (Nickel Metal Hydride)
  • Recharge time:     Standard 8 - 10 hours
  • Measurement time:     0.33 seconds minimum
  • Range:     2,000 ft. (600m) passive / 30,000 ft. (9,100m) to prism
  • Range accuracy:     +/- 6in. (15cm) / 3 sigma (or 99.73%)
  • Resolution inclinometer:     0.1 ft. (1cm)
  • Inclinometer type:     Tri-axis digital
  • Inclinometer range:     +/- 50 degrees from level
  • Inclinometer accuracy:     +/- 0.4 degrees
  • Inclinometer resolution:     0.1 degrees
  • Inclinometer repeatability:     +/- 0.3 degrees
  • Compass type:     Triaxial magnetometer
  • Compass range:     0.0 degrees to 359.9 degrees
  • Compass accuracy:     +/- 1 degrees RMS when level
  • Compass resolution:     0.1 degrees
  • Compass repeatability:     +/- 0.3 degrees


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