HYT TC 780

HYT TC 780
HYT TC 780
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Produk Kualitas dan sistem yang sangat baik dari Hytera TC 780..

kualitas suara, power transmit dan kecanggihan teknologi menjadi andalan dari produk Hytera ini..

Dan dilengkapi dengan 256 Memori channel.



The dot matrix display and simple menus make the full power of TC-780M simple and intuitive to use.
Auto Select BS
The advanced hunt technology enables the radio to always lock onto the BS with stronger signal, ideally suited for the multiple BS covered system. As for the single BS, this feature can be disabled.

When the radio receives VOTENOW message on a signaling channel, it automatically compares the signal strength of neighbour BS, and shall lock onto the BS with strongest signal. Manual Select BS
The user may enter a signaling channel number through the keypad to lock onto a BS, or write parameters of different BS control (signal) channels into different control channel teams to select BS through key operation.

4 System Networks
The user may define parameters for the 4 system networks, and switch among networks to operate in different system networks.

Flexible Group Call Setting
A combination of 40 call groups, including Hidden Group, Broadcast Group, Join Group, Data Group, Ack Group, Encryption Group, Temporary Group, In-fleet All-Call Group.

Call List Check (Pemeriksaan Daftar Panggilan)
Terdapat empat jenis: 1. Daftar kontak; 2. Daftar Status; 3. Daftar panggilan tidak terjawab; 4.Daftar panggilan Diterima.
Temporary Grouping in Roaming System
Manually change the system code (PFIX) to join the temporary grouping of the roaming system.
Quiet Alarm
A key is programmed to send emergency information quietly.
Missed Call Display
This function is to remind user of all the missed calls.
Call History
The call history shows the last 10 missed lists, 10 dialed lists and 10 received lists.
Calling Party Number Display
During a group call, the radio can display the number of the calling party for caller identification.
Through the base station, a lost radio may be remotely killed, and a killed radio can be remotely revived. 
Voice Compandor
The feature effectively improves the dynamic range of voice signal and enhances the SNR of the given frequency deviation. Decreased background noise insures a transmission of clear voice even in noisy environment.
High/Low Power Switchable
By simple pressing one button, users can switch to low power when communicating within limited range coverage or switch to high power when further distance is required.
Customized Design
LCD displays the user's number, name & work group when the radio is powered up or standby.
LCD Icons
User-friendly LCD icons provide quick recognition of battery strength, signal strength, transmit power, vibrate, roaming and system information.
Built-in Modem
The built-in 1200/2400bps MSK modulator enables data transmission and GPS satellite location.
Customized Programming Interface
The simple programming interface is customized for your easier operation and test.
32 Conventional Channels
DTMF Encode / PTT ID

Priority Channel Scan
When the radio operates in talk around mode, channel scan provides users with an easy way to monitor and join other channels.
Nuisance Channel Delete
When a scan list member continually generates unwanted noise, this feature allows the radio user to temporarily remove the channel from the current scan list.
Busy Channel Lockout
A channel already in use is not available to other users.

3 Programmable Function Buttons
Provide immediate access to your most often used features.

Time-out Timer
The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission.

Emergency (Darurat)
Tekan tombol Darurat untuk membunyikan alarm darurat, atau mengirim ENI (Emergency Number Identity atau Identitas Nomor Darurat)/ nada latar
belakang kepada pengguna yang telah ditetapkan atau pusat pengiriman (dapat dipilih melalui perangkat lunak pemrograman).


Rentang Frekuensi(MHz)
Kapasitas Saluran
32 (Conventional)   40 (Trunking)
Pengaturan Jarak Saluran(KHz)
25 /12.5KHz
Tegangan Pengoperasian(V)
7.4 V
1700mAh Li-Ion Battery
1800mAh Ni-MH Battery (optional)
2100mAh Li-Ion Battery (optional)
Masa Pakai Baterai (Siklus Kerja 5-5-90)
dengan baterai Li-ion 1700mAh
dengan baterai Li-ion 2100mAh
dengan baterai Ni-MH 1800mAh
Conventional Mode:about 12h
Trunking Mode:about 10h
Stabilitas Frekuensi(ppm)
Suhu Pengoperasian(°C)
Impedansi Antena(Ω)
Dimensi (H×W×D)(dengan baterai, tanpa antena) (mm)
Berat (dengan antena & baterai)(g)
Output Daya RF
Tersebar dan Harmonik
Kebisingan FM
≥45/40dB (25 /12.5KHz)
Distorsi Audio
≤0.25/0.28 μV (25 /12.5KHz)
≥70/60dB (25 /12.5KHz)
Penolakan Respons Tersebar
≥45/40dB (25 /12.5KHz)
Output Daya Audio Terukur
Distorsi Audio Terukur


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