Garmin 160 (Discontinued )

Garmin 160 (Discontinued )
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The Fishfinder 160 has some big advantages over the competition. First, our exclusive See-Thru® technology allows the Fishfinder 160 to hear both weak and strong signals simultaneously, giving it tremendous dynamic range. The result is a display that is capable of showing strong fish returns even when fish are suspended inside structure and thermoclines. Second, Depth Controlled Gain (DCG®) automatically adjusts fishfinder sensitivity according to depth, not echo intensity like other fishfinders. The result is a much more detailed and accurate picture of bottom structure.

As an added plus to anglers, the Fishfinder 160 offers a protective front cover and water temperature readings as standard unit features. In addition, water temperature is displayed below the depth reading for quick visual reference, and a unique control bar identifies the most commonly used fishing settings.

The Garmin Fishfinder 160: raising the bar for anglers who want quality equipment at a reasonable price.


-Display options: Auto ranging, 2X and 4X auto and manual zoom, 3 Fish Symbol™ sizes, adjustment bar
Alarms: Deep water alarm, shallow water alarm,
3 size fish alarm, battery low alarm
Transducer auto-sense: Automatically displays speed and temp
data without menus
See-Thru™ technology: Shows weak/strong returns simultaneously
Depth Control Gain (DCG™):
-Automatically adjusts fishfinder sensitivity
-according to depth
-Power down backup of setting:
-Customer setting not lost when unit is turned off
Case: Fully gasketed, high-impact plastic alloy
Keys: Backlighted
Temperature range: 5°F to 158°F (-15°C to 70°C)
Waterproof: IEC 529, level IPX-7
Submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes

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