Furuno FCV-627

Furuno FCV-627
Furuno FCV-627 Furuno FCV-627
Brand: Furuno
Product Code: FCV-627
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Price: IDR13,500,000
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FCV627  knows fish size and bottom structure under your boat. FCV-627 is designed specifically with small fishing and recreational boats in mind. FURUNO's 50+ years of proven marine electronics technology is incorporated into this compact, waterproof unit. NOW AVAILABLE

  • 5.7" 256 colour 87.1mmW x 116.2mmH 640x480 pixel wide angle 800cd/m2 bright Bonded Glass LCD screen (no Fog).
  • Accu-Fish IDentifies individual fish with size and fish mark function
  • Bottom Discrimination function provides an at a glance recognition of bottom form with four types of grapical displays (Rock/Sand/Gravel/Mud).
  • 8/16/64 Color Echo Presentations
  • Hands free adjustments of gain, STC & output power through digital filtering
  • Range Scales to 2,500 feet
  • IPX5/6 Waterproof Rating
  • Output power: 600W RMS
  • Audio and visual alarms for water depth, fish echoes and water temperature
  • Wide variety of transducer options
  • Selectable automatic cruising or fishing modes to suit your style of boating
  • When interfaced with NME0183 GPS sensor and speed sensor, the own ship's position and own ship's speed can be confirmed on the screen.Target Lat/Lon (TLL) of favorite fishing spots can be transferred to the interfaced GPS plotter for use on your next fishing trip.
  • Automatic function for detecting fish and bottom in both shallow and deep water
  • User-programmable nav data display provides analog and digital nav data
  • Alarms: Bottom, Fish (bottom lock and normal), Speed, Water Temperature and Arrival (Speed, arrival and water temperature alarms require appropriate sensor)
  • White line feature helps discriminate fish lying near the bottom
  • Fast transmission rate of 3,000 PRR (Pulse Repetition Rate) per second for enhanced shallow water

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